Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts
Edited and/or tr. By D.L. Ashliman, University of

The Moonlit Road.  The
A good multi-media Site for Folktales from Southeast United States.
Bullfinch's Mythology  
The Site offers a wide range of Greek and Roman mythology texts
.Encyclpedia Mythica -
 A great Site to visit for information on Greek, Roman, Norse, Celtic and Native American Mythology
Indigenous People's Literature
The Site gives in a nutshell the basic elements native to a wide range of cultures, around the world.
  The Baldwin On-Line Children;s Project
  Features many classics retold for children in Books and Stories .
Story Net
Homepage for National Storytelling Network
Folk and Fairy Tales  Rick Walton's Online Library
An astonishingly large number of classic tales arranged in Alphabetical Order gathered from many Collections of Fairy Tales, fable collections, myths and legends

Folk and Fairy Tales
Search CONSULS the online catalogue for resources on folk and fairy tales by Author, Title, Subject, keyword or specific countries
Folktales and Fairy Tales for Story Telling- Storytelling Resource
MacDonald Margret Read, The Storytellers Sourcebook   
A subject, Title and Motif index to folklore collections for children
A useful Link for Creative stories on Mountain Living....

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