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     A Teacher's Inspirational 
            By Chandrani Warnasuriya
  To teach is a noble profession,
Many folks scarcely understand;
To mold young lives hearts and minds
Is a task beautiful and sublime.

When I take a child in my hand,
My hands are not all mine;
They are given me to lead them,
To a goal unique, of his or her own mind.

I look into two little eyes,
Like windows opening to a whole new world,
To guide these to a proper bearing,
Is indeed my delight.

To show little feet the right way
As they stumble upon rough ground;
To strike a balance as they walk,
Is more than to teach, to add and subtract and multiply,

To touch a flower and sense it’s smell,
To look into a rainbow and count its colors,
To capture beauty in a passing day,
Is to add wonder, music and song to life and time.

To learn to love to care and share,
To gather the gems by the way side;
To sift the grain from the chaff,
Is more than what knowledge alone could impart.

If I could help a child so……
to make a difference,
To grow in grace and charm and eloquence,
For these I pray, God give me strength and wisdom,
That I may do my part in a child’s world, and your creation.