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A Short Story based on the National Flower of Sri Lanka.

(Sri Lanka) An adventure story of Mahadenamutta, forgetful of counting the grroup, without himslfr
(Sri Lanka) A humorous story how the five-musketeers follow the master's instructions very foolishly.
(Sri Lanka-) A fascinating story with animal friends, for a lesson in true friendship and co-operation..
(Sri Lanka) The story has many variants around the world.It depicts curiously and quite charmingly the magical     powers associated with gems.
(Sri Lanka) An interesting story about old-time friends and how they broke up.       
​(Japan) A magical story of a kettle metamorphosed into a badger and its daring feats that saved the owner.
(Japan) Wholesome spirits are often associated with flowers. here's one associated with the peony in Japan.
.(Tibet) The story is about an enchanted castle. It stretches the imagination to maniffest wonderful results that could be multiplied to bring about a great success story.
UNITY IS STRENGTH  (India)   A good illustration of unity and co-operation that led to a group success
LITTLE IS NOT INEPT  (Vietnam) The story of a Statesman in Vietnam who though short in stature and apt to go unnoticed, proved to have the greatest wisdom of all in solving the problems of the State  
HOLDING UP THE SKY  (China)  A great story of a little bird, who teaches an elephant a lesson in responsiblity in its own little way.