"At last I've waited forever for the Sri Lankan tales of. Mahadenamutta to be readily available in English. Now Chandrani Warnasuriya has treated us to a delightfull collection of this wonderful fool and witty character.
  He is ready to take his bumbling place beside Nasruddin and the sages of Chelm."
            ARON SHEPARD  -  Award Winning Author
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A fascinating Book for Children

   "A Children's Writer, Freelance journalist and teacher, Chandrani (Chani) Warnasuriya' s book , Favorite Folktales of Sri Lanka, presents a collection of fascinating children's stories from Sri Lanka penned with consumate ease for the serene joy of children any where in the world. Philip Fernando.....

  "The stories in the Collection will hopefully give Sri Lankan children born and bread in America an opportunity to learn something of their homeland. The stories are lucidly written and the style of language is easily understandable by children.
  Names used are common to enable both Sinhala and Tamil children to grasp what is told in the stories."      
.Children's Stories of Wit and Humor by Chandrani Warnasuriya is a remarkable Re-telling of folktales depicting a vibrant slice of cultural heritage of Sri Lanka. Its fresh readability combined with wide variety of captivating stories enshrined in the Collection would be readily welcomed by children of all cultures. The range of stories starting with Mahadenamutta the Grand-Old-Man to anecdotal tales from all walks of life will brighten the lives of little ones reading this book. Chandrani writes with a zest to entertain.  PHILIP FERNANDO - Author and Commentator. 


PEACE TALES FROM ASIA  --  Building a Culture of PEACE


Moving Asia Closer  --   Author, Journalist ,  Neile Earle  DCTV  Duarte, california

Just possibly, the 21st Century will be the century of Asia?

    This makes author Chandrani ("Chani") Warnasuriya's latest effort, Spooky Tales from the Orient: tales of 
Orgres, Demons, Ghosts, Spells, Charms and The Enchanted, her most timely work so far. As a teacher and writer both here and in her home island of Sri lanka, Chani continues the pace set in two earlier books, all three set in enviable, high-quality clean-trimmed paper back versions by Publish America of Baltimore.

A collection of some of the well known folktales of Sri Lanka, published to mark the 60th Jubilee Independance anniversary of Sri Lanka. A 'must' read for Sri Lankan children away from the motherland.

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CHILDREN'S STORIES of WIT AND HUMOR - Stories from Sri Lanka; (Publsh America 2008)
A collection of stories about the famous Wise-old-Man,Mahadenamutta. Now made known to western readers with this collection,he has  taken his rightful place among witty sages around the world. 

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A collection of Tales of Orgres, ghosts, vampires, demons etc, Tales of supernatural spirits, magic, spells and charms and tales of the enchanted, from the Orient. If J.K. Rowlings took "horrible liberties," with British folklore and mythology the reservoire of these from the Orient could stretch the imagination and draw inspiration from their anals of fantasy works to greater heights of valuable literary compositions.Read some of these from Spooky Tales from the Orient....

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A Collection of stories retold, on some of the essential ingredients needed for exercising of Peace Building, such as unity, co-operation, kindness, generosity, forgiveness and more. Stories appeal to the mind and imagination of children more than any other piece of literature. Give the child a "chance," to draw energy, stimulation, motivation and inspiration for peace and harmony in his/her own life and interact so with others by reading stories in the collection

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discount price $12/-
discount price $12/-
Book Review
Chandrani Warnasuriya"s book "Peace Tales from Asia" is a collection of stories that prompt thoughtful consideration of the attributes of peace. Each story introduces us to one concept; such as cooperation, forgiveness, camaraderie and more,so peaceful solutions can be understood in a beneficial way to both children and adults.
Teachers and parents alike, will find that not only do the stories provide ideas on solving that lead to conflict; they have retained their cultural attitude and allow for many discussions on diversity which could easily be used to support geography-culture studies.

Beth Phillips,
Author, Montessori Publications
                 Its here at last.....

    OF A COUNTRY....
A Book full of Exciting, stimulating and facinating information about SRI LANKA
​As a Sri Lankan by birth the book, Sri Lanka Changing Faces of a Country, was fascinating. Every facet of my knowledge of Sri Lankan life was put in perspective. Chandrani delivers in great detail, extensive knowledge of the resplendent Isle,- not leaving much to the imagination. The festivals, customs and legends educated me, as they will others, whether from Sri Lanka or other parts of the world.

There are beautiful illustrations of flora and fauna, a concise rendering of the major cities of the country and extensive information about trade, exports and the Constitution. It is obvious that Chandrani has done extensive research and this book will be a great addition to existing knowledge of Sri Lanka. 

 A must read book, no matter in what part of the world you are living. 

Jayam Rutnam
Founder President, Sri Lanka
America Association of Southern California.
Publisher of "Good News From Jayam."
Staff Reporter, San Gabriel Valley Examiner
Recipient of Sri Lanka Foundation's
President's Award 2014.

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