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Good Children's literature appeals to the child, as well as the child in the adult.
The world's cultures have a wealth of stories that are fun and enticing for children to read.

The present day dragon tales and unicorn lore have become the topic of children's fantasy novels and movies. Wrapped in that fantasy these characters become the friends and toys of thousands of children. Rabbits, mice, monkeys and donkeys engage children in a worldwind of stories and movies.

The origins of these fantasies, go back to legend and lore of cultural literature. These stories are often stored away for safe keeping in libraries and the minds of our grandparents. The goal is that these legends stay alive in our cultural future as well as our cultural past.

Backyard and farm animals also capture much lore to be shared between generations. Natural phenomena
draws the attention of children too. Reading storiesabout storms, winds, clouds and rain are captivating 
for children. Mountains, caves, rocks and rivers are often places that feed children's imagination.

Besides Reading stories about our backyard and farm animals which are endearing to our sensitivities and encourage our reading habits, an equally important subject we need to read stories about is how to live, improve and develop our relationships with family and friends. How to live in PEACE with one another.

Reading stories about 'heroes' for peace, who earned  name and fame becoming 'peace makers' and peace builders,' can be extremely encouraging and exciting. May be someday you will end up winning a great MEDAL for being a peace maker in some part of the world. Think of that great lady, Mother Theresa of Calcutta, Desmond Tutu, Mahatma Gandhi, they were also children sometime just like you.

So read stories about 'peace makers,' on this website 'PEACE BLOG'
and you will be greatly rewarded, becoming a Peace Maker. 


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.SRI LANKA CHANGING FACES OF A COUNTRY..... It is here at Last.....wafted into place by the gentle breezes of the Indian Ocean....the saga of an island that played its part in the 'divine comedy' as far back as 900 b.c.e. adorning the Temple of Jerusalem with its many precious stones, ivory and peacock feathers and other riches.

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